Dataworxs Systems is a developer of innovative and powerful dictation and transcription solutions. Providing workflow for audio & document management and speech-to-text solutions for any organization. Regardless of your organization's requirements, Dataworxs provides unique applications designed to be scalable with an open architecture. Dataworxs can create a highly cost effective and user friendly solution for any large, medium and small organization.

Standalone for Small Offices
In our fast paced world, speed, flexibility and mobility are a must. But sometimes choosing between workflow and standalone products is not easy. We can help...

Workflow that Fits You
Audioworxs is our suite of workflow applications designed to provide a custom solution to fit your needs. Learn more...

Speech Recognition
Speech recognition is integrated with Audioworxs and stand-alone solutions to provide both front-end and back-end speech recognition. Dataworxs proudly supports SayIt by nVoq!

Dictate using your smart phone using MobileMic. Learn More...
Olympus Digital Recorders, Microphones and Footpedals Philips Digital Recorders, Microphones and Footpedals SayIt Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Dragon Speech Recognition VEC Microphones and Footpedals
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