Audioworxs Enterprise (AWET)

AWET is Dataworxs Systems powerful and unique “Enterprise” digital dictation and workflow system. AWET is designed to provide a comprehensive enterprise widevoice and document management solution for any business requiring the power, convenience and cost effectiveness of a centralized dictation and workflow management solution. AWET incorporates a series of unique design features and options exclusive to our suite of applications to deliver the ability to create and easily manage the complex requirements of setting up and running a large enterprise wide dictation and voice management system with all the tools for easy dictation, transcription and document management.

Advanced Voice Management System

AWET is an advanced digital dictation and voice document management system. With AWET, users can dictate and receive digital voice files and associated data from any location via telephone, professional dictate station, PC based dictation, Digital Portables, PDAs, BlackBerry, Smart Phones as well as other digital dictation and voice mail systems. AWET turns your LAN, WAN or Internet into a powerful voice and document workflow network. Designed as a modular enterprise wide system with complete scalability and no practical limits AWET allows you to customize a system to your businesses unique demands.

Powerful System Manager Interface

The heart of AWET is “System Manager”, this simple and feature rich interface is best described as the window through which designated management staff can monitor and manage any jobs being created, imported or optionally being processed out to users, employees or customers. With AWET’s built-in Administrative and reporting tools it is easy to stay in control. These features let you design and customize workflow through a virtually unlimited set of options allowing work priorities to be set as rules with the option to address any required changes easily, quickly and even on the fly. AWET success lies in these sophisticated management features providing incredible accuracy and efficiency. Users are configured for one or more roles or profiles and each department, company, location or customer can have completely unique and customized roles as: author, listen-only, PC based listen-review, transcriptionist, editor, Speech to Text editor local manager, local administrator or enterprise administrator / manager. All user and management access is available locally through your LAN or can be provided to remote locations via your WAN or the Internet. It is flexible and customizable for transcription services, legal, medical, insurance, government and corporate users.

AWET Virtual Groups

Through our exclusive and flexible database design, AWET allows the creation of up to a million “Virtual User Groups”. These Virtual Groups are best defined as transparent and unique dictation and workflow systems that can be created within your AWET system. Each of these Virtual Groups or workflow systems can be created and customized to support each location’s specialized needs for unique roles for users and reporting requirements including duplicate ID’s for users. The Enterprise Administrator can standardize on specific requirements for any role feature or option available in AWET or customize according to each Virtual Groups needs. Each Virtual Group can be created as a transparent division, allowing access only to groups and users with specified rights providing discreet local access to jobs, data and reports providing the ultimate in security and privacy. In addition each Virtual Group can create up to 99 associated divisions for departments, locations and users through our “Section Number” option further enhancing the ability to sort, route, report and manage the workflow of each Virtual Group. This unique design provides AWET nearly unlimited scalability when addressing your enterprise requirements.

Multiple & Remote Call Manager Option:

Call Manager is the application within AWET that offers the ability to scale your telephone dictation requirements in a cost effective and convenient way. Unlike other competitive systems AWET can be designed with the telephony boards / port cards installed in the dictation system server or what is termed as a “box solution”. This “box solution” configuration presents some significant limitations for growth and expansion. Once all the available slots for port cards are used up in the server (typically most servers do not provide more than 2 to 4 available slots) the system has reached its full growth potential for telephone access. This means to grow the system you’re forced to either upgrade the server to a larger usually proprietary server at a much higher cost, reinstall all the port cards and software and retire the other server or purchase a second dictation system complete with new server, operating system software and a second database. Either option is a costly and or time consuming process and potentially means dual workflow / database management.

Instead using this old “box solution” design AWET provides scalable cost effective growth of your system. If the server ever reaches capacity with respect to the actual number or telephony boards/ports that can be installed, you simply add another Call Manager application to a new server/PC along with the required port cards to expand your system as your need changes or grows. No more costly and out dated or disposable servers. No need to purchase multiple dictation systems then “link” them via costly and clumsy management software. Each Call Manager runs in a “Store & Forward” mode and transfers copies of recorded jobs to the main system via the LAN/WAN or high speed Internet connection as each job is completed. Call Manager can run independently from the main system providing an added level of redundancy for the authors in case the system would need to be down for repairs, updates or due to LAN/WAN/Internet failure. Call Manager can be installed at remote locations that are not hosting or running the system locally; this unique option not only provides redundancy, scalability but can significantly cut costly long distance or 800 number service charges for remote telephony authors. Since the remote Call Manager is installed and connected to the remote sites local telephone / PBX resources, external extensions or even “hardwired stations” all that is needed to transfer these locally recorded files is a high speed Internet connection back to the main enterprise system. “Secure Connect” handles the fully encrypted automated transfer of the jobs as they are recorded and save by the author. Our exclusive “Remote Store & Forward” option allows any Call Manager to continue to record even if the main system is unavailable for any reason. The jobs will be stored locally and Call Manager monitors the connection and the system for restored availability and automatically moves any stored jobs back to the system once it becomes available.

Importing From Other Systems
AWET “Import Manager” application offers the option to import dictated and recorded jobs from other dictation systems and even some voice mails systems that are Wav compatible and have unified messaging. This eliminates the need to rerecord from one system to another and speeds the process of getting voice files into the system. We support the following dictation systems complete with any demographic data that is exported from the system; Dictaphone (requires Dictaphone TransNet), DVI, LanierVXP, Lanier OS (requires Lanier VoiceLink) Crescendo and Fusion Voice.

Intelligent Job Priority & Routing
With AWET  user profiles, routing profiles/ scripts provide are easily created and deployed providing versatility for any requirements your organization may have. Jobs are automatically routed for review or transcription editing based on certain rules that are easy to understand, such as department, work type, author and transcriptionist group. All profiles can be applied to an individual, group or system wide.
When required the System Manager can easily modify these rules to ensure work priorities are met. With our “Secure Connect” application remote Internet based transcriptionists have an HIPPA compliant access with Audioworxs Player. This efficient and simple set of applications provides an easy to use transcription tool that is fully web-enabled allowing complete access to Jobs from home or other remote locations. AWET  provides automated back-up and archiving to restore, purge and archive critical data automatically even to an off-site location via the Internet.

Technology Driven
AWET utilizes Microsoft Windows server 2000, 2003 to deliver fast response times to client applications. Microsoft SQL and MySQL are supported databases and provide the backend database services to Audioworxs, ensuring a secure, scalable and highly available data access and easy integration into your business network. AWET has changed the way many businesses operate their dictation workflow systems, offering greater control and management of information and documentation, as well as enhanced communication.

Include our other unique features like audio conversion to multiple wave formats, demographic exchange, which allows information associated with the original audio file to be transferred to the newly created job record, document association & backup with integration to Word or HTML based document applications and you have an exceptionally powerful and flexible solution.

Feature Overview
· Support for ASP implementation
· Real-time database redundancy
· Unlimited telephone port support
· Customizable data/demographic input fields
· Fully configurable input field inclusions/exclusions
· Route jobs to transcriptionists based on any of 16 demographic data fields
· Configurable telephone keypad layouts
· Create profiles for one or many users.
· Comprehensive event logging ensuring complete HIPPA & Sars Oxley compliance
· “Virtual” systems – each with either unique or even duplicate user ID’s
· Supports multiple Industry-standard SQL database engines & allows custom report creation
· Author & Transcriptionist can set unlimited impression & book marks with text messages
· Provides set and go to an infinite number of position markers per job
· Assign document templates based on specific input field values
· Keypad layout-specific help audio
· User specific greeting prompts
· Internet-based system management and transcription
· Audio streaming technology provides near-instant access
· “Secure Connect” 128 bit encryption on all document (audio or text) transport
· Internet-based dictation creation, audio review and document retrieval