Audioworxs WorkGroup

Audioworxs WG delivers all the benefits of digital dictation systems many times its size, in a solution specially developed for the smaller office or department. This next generation solution offers flexible dictation input via telephone, digital portable, and microphone. PC-based digital recording and voice file management, as well as easy transcription access, combine to provide you with more efficient document production.

Want more? Route dictation recordings through an advanced speech recognition engine, so transcriptionists receive a document draft along with the voice dictation. Save time and money by reducing transcription effort.

System Manager

System Manager is the nerve center of the Audioworxs WG system. It enables administrators to manage users, documents and overall workflow, and facilitates complete customization of workflow and user interaction. System Manager allows you to view and affect system activity and performance. The user interface provides user-friendly functionality and shortcuts to maximize productivity and efficiency. Powerful document searches and on-the-fly document queuing allow documents to be easily searched by a combination of demographic values and routed to an available transcriptionist. The same interface is used on the LAN or Internet providing maximum accessibility to audio documents for preview and rerouting as needed.

System Administration

Audioworxs WG offers unparalleled customization capabilities. WG provides multiple, customized and extremely powerful routing scripts, giving it as much flexibility as any dictation solution on the market today. It gives you the capability of customizing user settings such as field defaults, routing behavior and login security and you can configure WG to emulate any of your existing dictation input options. Because of its highly scalable nature and many customizable features, WG is capable of adapting to any of your workflow, end-user functionality and system emulation requirements.

Audioworxs Player

Audioworxs Player is a PC-based, Internet-enabled application that delivers voice, text and demographics data to a transcriptionist workstation. Transcriptionists can selectively search, change and route work if their profiles allow it and with audio streaming technology, documents can be delivered anywhere in the world via the Internet regardless of the connection speed. Transcription can be accomplished anywhere, anytime. All audio and document transfers are encrypted, providing security for your documents without compromise. Also, to better facilitate transcription, Player can be integrated with Microsoft® Word and other word processors through the use of centralized templates delivered directly to the transcriptionists workstation as needed.

Enterprise Solution

Audioworxs Exec is a software solution designed to reduce the need for capital expenditure. Audioworxs Exec can be used as an enterprise system from a central location. Each department, remote office or location can share the central system with each location having unique management, reporting, routing and work options. Utilizing your existing IT infrastructure and telephone network efficiently- Audioworxs Exec takes full advantage of your current investment in technology.

Security and Confidentiality

At Dataworxs Systems we recognize that client confidentiality is critical, Audioworxs Exec ensures that all audio and associated text files are 100% secure via our unique 128 bit encryption process Secure Connect. Access to any job is secure using the latest advances in technology.


Dictation Architecture & Workflow Management

The important process of voice dictation is accomplished using a three tier architecture to provide a more effective distributed client/server design that gives increased performance, flexibility, maintainability, reusability, Audioworxs Exec software can be installed in your offices whether local, regional, national or multinational, enabling more efficient use of time & resources, providing confidence that your work will be transcribed on time. Providing options for local and remote transcription and with the ability to share transcription across multiple offices - Audioworxs Exec will become an invaluable tool for your practice.