A CODEC (COder/DECoder) provides information about the decoding an encoding of an audio format and is used by Personal Companion and Import Manager during the input and conversion stages. Personal Companion or Import Manager may not be able to import an audio file if the appropriate CODEC is not installed. In most cases a sound card is also required in order for Personal Companion and Import Manager to make use of the installed CODEC.

The following table describes which CODEC is required for each supported audio input source.

Input Source Required CODEC
Olympus DS3000/2000/330 No CODEC required.
Norcom 2700 Norcom ADPCM CODEC
Sanyo Sanyo LD_ADPCM Audio CODEC
VoiceFLOW/PCD DSP Group TrueSpeech™ (standard with Windows)
WinScribe Rhetorex ADPCM CODEC