Why Dataworxs Systems Limited?

Dataworxs Systems Limited a developer of enterprise audio and text management products and systems that are affordable, feature-rich and tailored to the organization and the user. These products are designed for small to large organizations, easy to implement, simple to operate, easy to support, and enable voice, document and data transmissions to be delivered over a wide area network, local area network or the Internet. Dataworxs facilitates better management of audio and document workflow as well as increasing the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of reporting within organizations.

Dataworxs products have the added benefit of employing open standards and is affordable. Installation is easy and quick in almost any business environment and compatible with most types of software and PC networks and requires a minimum of technical support or training, saving you time and resources.

Company Background

Dataworxs Systems Limited was founded with the desire to create the best possible audio and document management system available using recognized industry standards provided by leaders in their respective fields with the option to utilize the Internet to manage remote users and offices. With a combined experience of over 55 years, developing many of the well-known names in the healthcare and court recording industry the company has developed Audioworxs - the latest innovation in digital audio and document management systems.

Dataworxs innovative suite of products and services are based on open standards and can be tailored to each organization or individual user’s requirements providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.


Audioworxs is an open standard LAN, WAN & Internet based digital audio and document management system. Audioworxs is highly flexible, customizable and suitable for any environment including legal, medical, insurance, Law Enforcement and government.

Because it is scalable, Audioworxs can reliably meet any organization's needs. Audioworxs’ success lies in its sophisticated user friendly management features. Designed with the user in mind, each function is feature rich, ensuring that the product supports the needs and productivity requirements of each user along with simplicity in interaction.

Audioworxs incorporates Microsoft Windows operating systems and SQL database technologies this allows easy integration with familiar user interfaces into any business and provides easy technical support to the customer. This means a lower over all cost to implement and maintain.

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Audioworxs Feature Highlights:
  • Integration with major telephone systems
  • Internet based transcription and audio management
  • Support for other manufacturers’ proprietary dictation systems including voice mail systems with universal messaging
  • Audioworxs Import Manager enables the import of files from over 20 different models and all the major manufactures digital portables
  • Audioworxs supports BlackBerry devices PDA dictation and Windows Mobile 6 Smart Phones with either telephony dictation or recorded messaging via email 
  • Support for MS Word and Word Perfect templates
  • Administrative Tools including customizable reporting tools to aid workflow management
  • Scalability form 1 to thousands of users for all organization types and sizes
  • Customizable Individual User Licensing and Profiles