Understanding Licenses

Dataworxs has designed its applications such that each one can be installed free of charge and used for a short period of time. During this time you will be able to evaluate the application’s features and determine its suitability for your organization. The “free” trial version may have features turned off or limit its use in other ways. To get the full benefit of the program you must request and obtain an Activation Key that you use to “unlock” the features of the program.

  Please read the following statement regarding third-party software licensing…

Disclaimer: "Although Dataworxs' software provides a mechanism for a indirect database access through a single access point it is not Dataworxs' intention that installations of it products contravene the license agreement of any third party database software. Please read the license agreement for all software vendors and ensure that any system installation including Dataworxs products are in full compliance with the terms of all relevant license agreements."


Running License Administrator..

After installing an application you must run a program called License Administrator before the application will run. The application’s setup program may have created a shortcut to License Administrator. From the Windows task bar click on Start-->Programs-->Dataworxs Systems-->License Administrator and choose License Administrator to launch the program. If no shortcut exists launch the program LicenseAdministrator.exe from the install_folder\Dataworxs Systems\License Administrator folder.

Carefully select a server or workstation on which to install a Dataworxs application. Licenses are based on the hard drive and other hardware components of the computer that the application is installed on and are not transferable.
Installing a Default License...

License Administrator’s main screen provides a list of available Dataworxs applications that may be licensed. Select the appropriate application by clicking on the application name. The radio button to the left of the application’s name will indicate that the application has been selected. Click on the “Install Default License” button. This will install a default license allowing the application to operate in a feature and/or time limited manner. To view the current license status click on the “Administer…” button. A window will display the current license status including features that are enabled and the current expiry date.

The Request Key...

Also displayed in the Administer window is a 16-digit Request Key. The Request Key is important for two reasons. One, it is required by Dataworxs before an Activation Key can be issued. Second, Dataworxs Systems will require this 16-digit key to verify your authorization for support.

** Once an Activation Key has been issued to you the Request Key becomes your receipt - print it, make a copy of it, and store it in a safe place.

The last two digits of the Current Request Key always start at “00” when a default license has been installed. For example:

Current Request Key: 1234567890120000

A certificate is a 24 character string, 6Dz4N!cq@j9vQvCajfhFU6eJ for example, that contains information about a Dataworxs product including the product name, the expiration date, and features.

Certificates represent a pre-paid purchase of a Dataworxs product and can be redeemed for an Activation key by going to Dataworxs Customer Services. This service is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and by-passes the waiting necessary when obtaining an Activation Key via e-mail or call-in.

A certificate has value - DO NOT LOSE.
Obtaining a Activation Key...

To obtain an Activation Key e-mail or call-in the 16-digit Request Key to Dataworxs Systems or your authorized dealer. Alternatively, if you were given a product certificate, you can go to Dataworxs Customer Services and redeem your certificate for an activation key without waiting.

You will be given one or more 16-digit Activation Keys that will activate one or more features. Enter the Activation Key into the edit field labeled “Activation Key”. Click on the “Add New License” button to add or update the current license. Repeat for each Activation Key that you have received. The order that the Activation Keys are given to you is important. If an error message indicates that the license was not installed successfully check that you have entered the keys in the correct order. Once the new licenses have been installed successfully the current status should reflect the features and expiry date that you have purchased.

Note the Current Request Key and the corresponding Activation Key(s) that you receive and store in a safe place. Activation Keys can be used again (in the SAME order) to re-install licenses if the Dataworxs application has to be reinstalled on the same computer.

The Request Key and Activation Key combination is your receipt - print them out and store in a safe place (not the computer for which they apply).

If the hard drive is re-formatted or a significant change to hardware components is made you may need to be issued new Activation Keys.
Reinstalling Licenses...

Activation keys are matched to a specific request key. You will not be able to add a new license using an activation key that does not belong to a specific current request key. Consider the following example:

Current Request Key: 1234567890120002

An activation key is usually provided in the following format:

“When the Current Request Key shows 1234567890120000
     use the Activation Key: kqDctBrbWqFmrwHl   (Expiry: 2037-12-31)”

In this example, you would not be able to apply the activation key provided to the current request key because the last two digits of the Current Request Key, “02”, do not match the last two digits of the specified Current Request Key, “00”.

In this example, to reinstall the activation key provided you must first install the default license. If a license has already been installed you will be warned that a license already exists and given the opportunity to cancel the operation. If you continue with the operation, already installed licenses will be uninstalled and the default license will be installed in its place. The Current Request Key will be reset so that the last two digits are again “00”. Now you can reinstall the license using the provided activation key.

Moving an Application...

In the event that an application must be moved from one computer to another or the original hard drive must be replaced, a new set of Activation Keys must be obtained from Dataworxs or your authorized dealer. In order for Dataworxs to provide a replacement key you must provide the original Request Key - recall that the Request Key is your receipt. If new Activation Keys are issued Dataworxs will mark the old Request Key as inactive and no further support or upgrade requests for this Request Key will be processed.