Telephone Interface Cards

Audioworxs Call Manager supports Vantage-series, RDSP, and TR-1000 boards by Brooktrout Technology.

Vantage-Series (and RDSP)

Previously recommended Brooktrout driver 2.38 has been found to only support an idle timeout up to approximately 17 minutes. If an installation requires an idle timeout greater than 17 minutes (up to 19000 hrs) you must use Brooktrout RealCT 3.22 which installs the Brooktrout voice driver version 4.xx.

Contact Dataworxs about getting the latest Brooktrout RealCT software. The previously recommended version 2.38 setup is available for download as (22.9 MB). If GSM format is used then you must also apply the firmware patch version 5080.6a available by downloading (33 KB). Follow the instructions provided by the readme.txt file.

Windows 2000 is recommended. Vantage cards requires 5 volt PCI slot. RDSP cards require ISA slot.


The TR-1000 series interface cards support universal PCI slots and are available for digital T1 telephone lines. The latest Audioworxs Call Manager setup should be used to install the recommended Brooktrout drivers.

Supported Windows Operating Systems: 2000 Professional SP4 Update 822831, 2000 Server SP4 Update 822831, 2000 Advanced Server SP4, Win XP Professional SP2, Server 2003 Standard, Server 2003 Enterprise 32-bit





A complete list of prompts used by Call Manager is available here.